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Collaborative family law

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The Collaborative family law process is a relatively new way of dealing with family disputes. Each person appoints their own Solicitor but instead of conducting negotiations between you and your partner by letter or phone, you and your respective Solicitors all meet together to work things out face to face. Each of you will have your Solicitor by your side throughout the process and so you will have their support and legal advice as you go. The success and effectiveness of the system depends on the honesty, co-operation and integrity of the participants.


The essence of the process is that it is in the best interests of the participants and their families to try to resolve these disputes in a non-confrontational way. This is achieved by way of informal discussions with each party ensuring their direct influence on the outcome. The ultimate aim is to avoid the use of the court in family law cases. The process is flexible and can expand or contract to meet the client and their families specific needs.

Mary Cashin is a trained Collaborative Law practitioner and is a member of the Association of Collaborative Practitioners of Ireland. www.acp.ie.



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