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During the course of initial consultation, where possible, a fee structure will be set out. This is discussed with our client and if acceptable to him/her and under Section 68 of the Solicitors (Amendment), Act, 1994 we will set out our estimated Solicitors Professional fee and estimated outlay in the transaction.
The basis of charge by which the professional costs are assessed include such fee as may be fair and reasonable having regard to all of the circumstances of the case including the complexity, importance, difficulty, rarity or urgency of the legal questions raised, the professional skill, labour and responsibility involved and the specialised knowledge given or applied on our part, the place wherein the circumstances in which the business or any part thereof is transacted and, the fee for professional time expended thereon.
It is the firms’s practice to seek an initial payment at the commencement of any matter in which the firm acts. This payment will be held on deposit generally on account of the costs and expenses likely to be incurred on the client’s behalf. We may seek further payments on account from time to time so that there is always a sum held on account generally to allow the case to progress efficiently.

In litigation and contentious matters, in the event, however, that interim lump sum payments are not suitable to the client’s circumstances, then alternative arrangements can be made. We do offer a facility whereby our clients may opt to make ongoing weekly payments by direct debit towards fees during the “life” of the file. On completion, a bill will be prepared and the money standing in credit in our Client Account will be deducted and the balance will be payable.




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